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Participate in the Texas Democratic VIRTUAL Convention - June 1-6
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You don't have to be a delegate to join in the excitement of the Texas Democratic Convention! Come hear from party leadership and VIPs, participate in panels and Q&As, receive training on groundbreaking organizing tactics, and build community in advance of November’s election — all in addition to conducting our Party’s regular business.

Click on the buttons to see the official schedule AND check out this handy organizer to plan your personal schedule

We Need Your Help to GOTV in 2020!

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It's time for us to gather our resources and help move the needle to BLUE.

Two priorities:  Create and maintain a strong progressive community in Kerr County and elect progressive candidates to office.

The key to doing this requires
1.  Energizing Democratic voters to get to the polls
2.  Communicating with non-voters
3.  Appealing to conservative and independent voters who will not vote for Trump.

We need folks to contact their neighbors  throughout the year up to the General Election in November.  We need all sorts of skills, passions, and interests. 

We start with the question:  What drives folks to vote and to get involved?  What issues transcend party politics that need to be addressed before November?  How can we reach voters in each of the groups above through these issues?  

We're looking forward to working with you!

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Postcards For Wendy Davis

We are writing postcards to highlight who Wendy is, what she is running for, and to clearly outline the key issues that she is fighting for in this race. These will be sent to voters to get them out to vote.

Contact Deb Edwards at 281-334-2257 or click on the button below to let her know you need to pick up some postcards (she has 500 to give out) and a script.