GOTV - Get Out The Vote - Join Us in 2020!

It's time for us to gather our resources and help move the needle to BLUE.

Two priorities:  Create and maintain a strong progressive community in Kerr County and elect progressive candidates to office.

The key to doing this requires
1.  Energizing Democratic voters to get to the polls
2.  Communicating with non-voters
3.  Appealing to conservative and independent voters who will not vote for Trump.


I'm inviting you and a small army of dedicated progressives to join me on Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 2 to 5 pm to forge strategies that will accomplish our goals. 

We'll meet at Schreiner University River Room. Use the main entrance. Follow signs to CACC. River room is on first floor. Follow signs for Kerr County Democratic party.


You will be brainstorming and organizing with folks in your neighborhoods on events/parties/gatherings to be held throughout the year up to the General Election in November.  We need all sorts of skills, passions, and interests. 

We start with the question:  What drives folks to vote and to get involved?  What issues transcend party politics that need to be addressed before November?  How can we reach voters in each of the groups above through these issues?  

Rest up.  2020 is here.  Looking forward to working with you!

More GOTV events and actions coming soon! 
 Join other Democrats in organizing a GOTV campaign to register new voters,  increase voter turnout and to address voter suppression.  Let's turn Kerr County Blue again. 

Become a volunteer in your precinct.

Contact your Precinct Chair


to Vote


Support our efforts by donating time, energy, effort and money.  


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